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6 Best Outdoor Activities to Try in the UK

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Outdoor Activities

Active rest perfectly helps to unload the brain and body and add variety to everyday life. Adventures and vivid emotions do not end with childhood because, during dynamic events, you can feel like a child again and have fun from the heart. Here you will find a list of the most impressive outdoor activities in the United Kingdom that are sure to give you a positive experience.

Rafting: Pass the biggest rapids in the UK

River Garry, located in the Scottish Highlands, is famous for its dangerous rapids for the most adrenaline rafting. Come to Fort William and challenge yourself to sail the turbulent river in a boat with the same brave people. The most exciting event is the White Water Rafting on the River Orchy. The rafting route runs along the Argyll Valley, a quiet picturesque place cozily surrounded by mountain ranges. In summer, the river becomes shallow, so it is better to come here in winter when the rains turn it into a turbulent, fast-moving stream. An exciting vacation is best shared with friends or family, so using a van car hire is a great option.
Renting a roomy car will make it possible to move around without delay in a large company and take all the necessary equipment and supplies on the road. Check out the available vans for hire options before your trip to plan your itinerary and spending the right way, and turn your vacation into a series of remarkable adventures in different parts of the country.

Snorkeling in the Scilly archipelago

The mild and warm climate of the archipelago, as well as the diversity of wildlife, attract many tourists. However, the main reason to visit the Scilly archipelago is to see the beauty of the marine reserves of the surrounding waters while snorkeling on Lundy Island. Scuba diving is a great way to combine an active sport with a captivating picture. Feel like an explorer discovering 137 sunken ships from different times.

Master the mountain bike: Wales

Almost everyone knows how to ride a bicycle since childhood, and in adulthood, a bicycle is used mainly as a means of transport. Break that stereotype by tackling extremely fast, steep mountain bike descents. Come to Revolution Bike Park in Northeast Wales for an outdoor, scenic ride along the Berwyn Mountain Range.
The park just looks unexplored – in fact, you can always ask the staff for directions if you get lost on the way or expect quick help in an emergency. Take advantage of van hiring offers to bring your familiar bike for this trip if you are afraid of losing control of a rented mountain bike.

Go climbing: Stanage

Peak District in Stanage is the perfect place to completely overcome your fear of heights and try something new and extreme. This place is famous for its versatility: you will find a climb that suits you if you are a beginner climber. An experienced climber will not be bored either – it’s time to conquer the High Neb, the highest point of the slope (a sheer cliff 458 meters high above sea level).

Hiking: Snowdon Horseshoe

While in Wales, it would be a huge mistake to miss out on the breathtaking view from the top of the Snowdon Horseshoe. However, the summit is yet to be reached, and this is a separate adventure. Hiking is a beneficial sport that combines:

  • Cardio training.
  • Training of almost all muscle groups.
  • Endurance and willpower training.
  • A variety of loads, depending on the landscape, which can not be compared with a dull gym.
  • Enjoying the scenery.

Long hikes are a good way to spend time and get close to fellow travelers. For the astonishing adventure, it’s best to follow the long, steep, and less crowded trail along the South Ridge. The key to a successful hike is comfortable non-slip shoes. Consider taking a special cane for additional support in dangerous areas. Hire a van to take all the necessary equipment with you and have enough space in the car.

Surfing: Fistral Beach

Despite the cool climate prevailing throughout the United Kingdom, surfing is a fairly popular activity among locals. Fistral Beach in Cornwall is considered the UK’s top surfer gathering place. Surfing lessons are carried out only in warm wetsuits to avoid hypothermia. However, this does not stop the huge flow of tourists who want to catch the wave. Cozy beaches in Cornwall are for relaxation: if you do not like personal participation in sporting events, it is also interesting to watch. On good days, the wave height here reaches 7-8 feet. Try to ride on the crest of a wave – it gives you so much fun that you will be hard to stop!


Outdoor activities are popular in the United Kingdom, both among locals and tourists. Diversify the format of your trips without overpayments and get vivid memories and emotions for a lifetime!

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