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Choose Creta Class for Learning: No More Math Fear for Kids!

by James William

Creta Class is the most trusted online platform for parents for math learning. Teaching Math to kids is challenging as the concepts are tough and tricky. Creta Class designs courses to break down complex parts like division questions into simple, crisp lessons. Especially in the age group of 3 to 8 years, kids’ minds are sophisticated; they do not instantly break every piece of information like adults.

An award-winning platform – the Creta Class app, helps kids to learn the tricks to solve math problems that look like mental challenges. They cover preschool concepts, such as shapes & figure recognition, addition & subtraction, practical division questions, and other topics. From basics to advanced, Creta Class covers the entire curriculum with structured lessons.

Best Skills to Learn from Math Lessons

Math doesn’t restrict to just numbers! Solving Math problems teaches multiple skills to kids. An e-learning platform like the Creta Class app develops concept-wise lessons based on numbers & operations, geometry, logic & pattern recognition, problem-solving, measurement & data, and attention & memory.

Memory Retention

Creta Class helps kids to improve their memory retention capabilities. The platforms design courses to alleviate memory for kids with AI-based learning. With technology integration, Cretal Class combines fun elements into math learning with added features like fun & interactive games. Basic exercises help kids to memorize different mathematical concepts & formulas to solve advanced math problems. The learning procedures are designed to enhance the kid’s memory of math learning. By getting used to the learning habit with Creta Class, kids can improve their memory capability.

Tech-Based Learning

Nowadays, kids become smarter and also learn essential technical skills faster. Creta Class courses are based on AI-based technology to develop multiple features that improve kids’ development. It promotes adaptive learning for kids; they can enjoy the benefits of personalized lessons and operate the app independently. The Creta Class app is easy to use and has a simple interface that kids can adapt fastly. Technology is the next big thing in the future; why keep kids away from such transformational innovations? Use an e-learning platform like Creta Class to upskill your kid’s technical knowledge.

Logical Reasoning

Mathematical concepts also include a few portions of logical reasoning problems that can be solved using analysis & brain exercises. It induces critical thinking capabilities among kids to think logically & derive multiple solutions. Creta Class includes the best lessons & worksheets that help kids to learn out-of-the-box thinking.

Problem-Solving Skills

Math subjects evoke a specialized skill of problem-solving among kids. So, kids think strategically about the solutions when they see a math problem. Creta Class provides crisp 15-minute daily lessons that improve conceptual understanding. Problem-solving skills assist others’ knowledge skills to increase accuracy while solving math problems.

Observation Skills

Creta Class helps kids scale their attention span with specialized courses that cover advanced topics. Observation skills shape kids’ minds’ creativity and other helpful skills that improve their math learning skills. They provide animated courses to break down complex math problems into simple videos. This e-learning platform involves observation games to brush up on the kids’ knowledge. Another interesting challenge task for kids is ‘find the difference’, where kids have to observe two identical pictures in order to locate the difference.

Personality Development

Creta Class emphasizes the overall development of kids along with their personalities. Children can be more confident in major mathematical concepts with the right guidance and consistently practicing math problems. It leaves a good impression on their personality by gathering a more comprehensive knowledge base.

Critical Thinking

This skill trains kids’ minds to adopt the ability to analyze, make a judgment, and assess solutions. Math learning helps kids to get the important traits of a critical thinker, such as decision maker, observant, reflective, analytical, interpretative, evaluative, and problem solver. Kids become smarter and use critical thinking to discover new approaches & concepts to solve challenging math problems & quizzes. Kids can learn to explore how math is useful in daily life by applying mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios.

Numeracy Skills

With Math learning, kids learn to be calculative and enhance their numerical skills. Whether they are solving addition & subtraction problems or dealing with word problems, numerical skills help kids to get the right solutions. It acts as the base or foundation for analyzing geometry problems and interpreting graphs, tables & charts.

Final Words!

As we already know about the advantage of teaching mathematical concepts to kids. Every parent wants to make their kids smarter & knowledgeable by teaching them every relevant skill. E-learning platform Creta Class makes it possible for kids to be an all-rounder by teaching them skills such as critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, numeracy skills, mental arithmetic, and other soft or hard skills.

Parents can download the Creta Class app, an award-winning platform with the title of ‘Best Educational App for Kids of the Year’ by the Indian Education & Edtech Awards that shares the guidance of professional teachers having high-profile backgrounds that provide one-to-one mentorship for kids. It prepares them to become more confident about mathematical topics. Many kids get a solid foundation for math with 15-minute daily lessons and enjoy the upskilling process. Math logic puzzles for kids in a highly AI adaptive learning environment.


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