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Slot Mahjong – How To Play Mahjong Like A Pro

by James William

Mahjong is a tile-based game played by four players. The goal is to complete four sets and a pair. A set can be a “pung” or a “chow”, and a pair is two identical tiles. While there are general rules for mahjong, there are many different systems of scoring. Some have very divergent rules. Some variations also use special tiles such as flowers and seasons that can be worth extra points.


The gameplay of slot mahjong is unique, blending Mahjong’s strategy and randomness with the thrill of slot machines. Players must place tiles in the correct places to create winning combinations. They can then receive payouts based on the rarity of the matched tiles. These payouts can be substantial, making the game highly addictive.

The KA Gaming version of slot mahjong, Mahjong Ways, uses a modern look to deliver an engaging casino experience. It features a simple layout and four players who aim to complete four sets and one pair of tiles. The game is available online and on mobile devices, and offers a variety of betting options to suit any budget. It also features Golden Symbols that can turn wild after a winning Cascade and a Multiplier trail above the reels.


Mahjong is a game of luck, skill, and strategy. While it may seem difficult to get started, with some practice and a good guide to rules, you can learn how to play mahjong like a pro in no time! Before playing, it’s important to understand the format of the game and house rules. Also, know whether or not money is involved in the game.

One of the key things to remember is that chows are not worth points at the end of the game, but they can contribute to a mahjong hand. Players should not pick discards until they have a plan for what to do with them, and it’s best to avoid picking pairs. This will keep the game moving and prevent stress.


There are many different variations of mahjong. Some are more complex than others. For example, Taiwanese mahjong has rules that differ from Chinese classical mahjong. It includes hands of sixteen tiles rather than thirteen and a special bonus for dealers. It also allows multiple players to win from a single discard. Other variations include Japanese classical mahjong, which is played in tournaments and is closer to the Chinese traditional scoring system but only the winner scores.

There are also variations in the rules that allow or disallow certain melds. For instance, Malaysian and Singaporean mahjong use four animal bonus tiles representing the cat, mouse, cockerel, and centipede as well as a rule set that permits a player to win if they get two specific animals (similar to the pure green hand in British mahjong). Some variation of mahjong also uses dice to determine where on the wall to begin dealing.


Mahjong is an exciting game that requires quick thinking. It is important to have a plan for your tiles and be willing to change it when necessary. It is also a good idea to keep your melds hidden until the end of your turn. This is because exposing your tiles will cause your opponents to expose theirs, which may reduce the value of your hand.

The payouts in slot mahjong are based on the same rules as traditional table games. The winner will pay the other players for their winning tile. This is known as yao-dao (Yao Dao). In addition, the player who collects sets a-c will receive an instant payout. The player who collects the animal tiles will receive an extra five points in the payout.

Bonus Rounds

There are a variety of bonus rounds in slot mahjong. These can help you earn more money and even hit the jackpot! However, be careful when choosing the picks in these rounds. They may be pre-determined. You should be able to tell if the machine’s selections were random or not by looking at the results after the round is over.

Mahjong X from Pragmatic Play is an intriguing take on the traditional game, featuring a Scatter Pays system and stacking multipliers in a free spins round. The game also has a charming soundtrack that resonates with the Asian theme. Thematic depth and engaging gameplay make Mahjong X a must-try for fans of the genre.

The Bottom Lines

Mahjong is a captivating game that can be played in many ways. Recently, it has been merged with slot machines to create a new type of gambling experience. PG SOFT has launched this new version of Mahjong inspired slot called “Mahjong Ways”. Check out the details below!

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