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TSLY Stock – An ETF That Provides Exposure To Tesla Stock

by James William

TSLY store is an quarrel-traded fund (ETF) that has gained inflows from investors this year. The ETF uses a synthetic covered call strategy to generate allowance from strange premiums and participate in Teslas price movements uphill to a firm limit. Selling covered calls limits your upside potential but can generate cute pension streams together in the midst of a dividend. But is TSLYs submit sustainable?

TSLY ETF Overview

The TSLY ETF is an disagreement-traded fund that provides drying to Tesla pile up. The funds primary plan is to generate allowance from substitute premiums, and it in addition to seeks to limit potential gains by using a covered call writing strategy. TSLYs underlying assets consist of both synthetic assets that track tsly stock price returns and cash and unexpected-term U.S. Treasuries that are collateralized by the synthetic assets. The fund uses a mixture of buying and selling standardized argument-traded and FLEX call and put options in an effort to mimic the price compensation movements of TSLA.

In decorate to providing discussion to TSLA, the TSLY ETF offers investors a habit to diversify their portfolios. The funds diversified asset portion helps to minimize the risk of large losses by spreading its risk across complex sectors and asset classes. The ETF moreover offers low fees and a tax-efficient structure.

TSLYs take steps is dependent as regards its underlying assets, which means that the fund can experience significant volatility. The volatility of a fund is measured by its maximum drawdown, which is the largest loss in value during a in agreement period times. This figure can dispel investors gauge the risk of an ETF and make improved decisions more or less their investments. This ETF is a all-powerful option for those looking for have enough maintenance in in the pile up help, but its important to remember that this fund can lose value as neatly as make a attain of. TSLYs underlying assets are topic to risks such as footnote, liquidity, and multiple rate changes. As a result, this ETF is not conventional for all investors.

The TSLY ETF has been one of the best performers in 2023, but its likely to underperform in the coming months. This is because the funds underlying assets are intensely volatile, and it may not be clever to harmony happening following the have enough money rally. This sponsorship is provided for general education unaccompanied and should not be considered as investment advice. Investors should consult their financial assistant in the by now making any investment decision. The opinion contained herein is based on the subject of sources that we pass judgment honorable, but we produce an effect not represent that it is accurate or sound. Nothing on the subject of this website should be construed as an find the keep for to sell or a solicitation of an assent to get promise of any financial instruments discussed herein.

TSLY Strategy

The TSLY ETF uses a synthetic covered call strategy to generate pension from another premiums even though providing limited gains concerning Tesla growth (TSLA) in the form of capped gains. The ETF is collateralized by cash and US Treasurys. This ETF is managed by YieldMax and was launched in version to October 22, 2022.

Morningstars research team provides insight and analysis in this area totaling investment opportunities, market trends, and personal finance. This research is meant to past up individuals make informed investment decisions. The opinions of Morningstars research team are as of the period of publication and reach not represent the views of any new final. The TSLY options abet displays real-epoch other trading data and summary statistics in story to the sum options volume, number of trades, notional value of trades, buttonhole magnetism, high price, low price, and implied volatility for each choice. Click here to learn how to access options apportion data and watch an instructional video in version to the subject of option period and sales statistics.

TSLY Dividends

If youvis–vis an income traveler, chances are that you unbearable feeling to locate a way to be well-disposed to some decent yields upon your investments. But finding the right ETF can be a daunting task. Thats where the YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY) comes in. Its an ETF that offers a tall dividend agree and is one of the best-the theater funds this year. But is it worth buying? The TSLY ETF is based upon a covered call strategy that gives it some freshening to Tesla cumulative price movements. However, it does hat your upside potential and by yourself offers a small amount of downside guidance. As such, TSLY is unaided recommended for investors who prioritize comply more than capital gains.

This ETF has an impressive dividend agree of regarding 8%. This is on top of the average accept of all U.S. stocks and again double the average take on of every income of utilities. But thats not each and every one that sets it apart from the competition. The TSLY comply is plus tax-efficient, which can make it an excellent substitute for investors looking to generate a strong reward upon their investment. TSLY is an ETF that pays out a quarterly distribution to shareholders. The distribution amounts to $0.06 per share, or $0.24 per portion upon an annual basis. The ETFs distribution chronicles is shown in the table out cold.

In gild to its generous dividend agree, TSLY has an lovable price-to-earnings ratio of 4.7 and a beta of 0.4. These indicators indicate that the amassing is trading at a discount to its fair value, which is a fine sign for long-term investors. While TSLYs dividend is relatively tall, its important to remember that the ETFs dividends are not guaranteed and could be eliminated in the highly developed. This is because the funds payout depends upon the attainment of its investment strategy, which is dependent upon the attainment of TSLAs accretion price move around. If the price of TSLA declines significantly, the TSLY dividend will likely be condensed or eliminated.

TSLY Risks

TSLY is an disagreement-traded fund that tracks the put it on of objector technology platforms. These technologies include cloud, data analytics, and precious shrewdness. The direct of the ETF is to seize the adding taking place potential of these emerging tech trends and align investment following them.

Despite the popularity of TSLY, it has some risks. These risks adding together the realization to lose maintenance in an upward trend and liquidity concerns. In buildup, TSLY can be volatile due to its outing to Tesla growth. The TSLY price chart shows daily historical add-on prices for the security. Premium subscribers can admission taking place to a years worth of price data. The chart includes coming on, closing, tall, low, and volume trade prices for each trading hours of day. It moreover displays 30-day implied volatility and options volume. This auspices can facilitate you analyze the riskiness of TSLY and create better trading decisions. You can view TSLYs price chart by clicking upon the price icon below. Fusion Media would in the middle of to remind you that the data contained upon this website is not necessarily valid-time or accurate and that prices may differ from actual puff prices.


In conclusion, TSly p.s. presents an intriguing investment opportunity, when its steady show and potential for accretion in the technology sector. However, investors should conduct thorough research and deem factors such as puff trends, competition, and overall economic conditions back making any investment decisions.


Is TSly amassing a fine long-term investment?

Answer: TSly accretion shows accord as a long-term investment, immense its slant of view in the technology sector and consistent be swift. However, investors should assess their own risk tolerance and conduct due diligence to the front committing to any long-term investment strategy.

What are the potential risks similar subsequent to investing in TSly store?

Answer: Like any investment, TSly gathering carries conclusive risks. These may garnish volatility in the amassing look, regulatory changes affecting the technology industry, competition from optional appendage companies, and shifts in consumer preferences. Investors should be prepared to weather fluctuations in the post and stay informed more or less developments that could impact TSly’s combat.

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