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Why Water Rowing Machines Are Better Than Other Exercise Machines

by James William

Rowing is an excellent way to train both cardio and strength, targeting a large number of muscles in the back, arms, legs, glutes, and core. It also builds great posture and is low-impact, protecting joints in the long run.

Water rowers use a tank of water to simulate the drag/resistance of a boat; adjusting the level of water in the tank increases or decreases this resistance.


If you’re looking for an exercise machine that delivers a full-body workout and screams “real rowing” then a water rower is the choice for you. These machines are built from durable wood and have a sleek, stylish appearance that will look good in any room. They also function differently than other rowing machines and provide a more realistic experience thanks to the resistance mechanism that uses a tank of water with paddles and generates momentum and force from the strokes you apply.

The amount of water in the tank determines how much effort is required for each stroke, as more water in the tank simulates a heavier boat. This means that if you want a stronger and more challenging workout, you need to add more water in the tank. Conversely, if you want to ease up on the intensity of your rowing then simply add less water.

Another reason we love water rowers is that they usually have a minimal aesthetic and are more like pieces of art to be displayed in your home than clunky exercise equipment. Whether you opt for a handcrafted red walnut piece or a modern steel design, these machines are sure to impress. Just be sure to keep in mind that you’ll have to clean and maintain the tank more regularly than you would a magnetic or air machine due to the fact that you need to change the water every four to six months.

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Rowing is a great workout for those looking to get a low-impact cardio workout in that is effective and also helps to tone and burn calories. It can help prevent injuries from other intense exercises like running, it also increases endurance and provides a great boost in energy.

Water rowing machines use a tank of water to generate resistance that requires a force to counteract, and they are able to adjust the feel by adding or removing water from the tank. This allows for the resistance to change based on your speed which is similar to how an air-driven machine works. This makes it easy to do HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts as the machine will increase in difficulty as you get faster.

Another feature that people enjoy about water rowing machines is that they are typically quieter than magnetic and air-based models. The quaint splashing sound can be soothing and even meditative to some, which is an ideal option for those who want to get a good workout in but don’t like loud noises or want to watch TV while they exercise.

The features to consider when shopping for a water rowing machine include the resistance adjustability, ergonomics, performance tracking, price range, and portability. You also want to make sure the feet stay securely on the footplates, and that there is a comfortable seat and handle. Look for a console that has built-in programming or can be used with your favorite fitness apps.

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When you buy a rower, quietness is probably an important feature. You want to be able to concentrate and focus on your workout without disturbing anyone else in the house or waking up early birds or night owls in your apartment complex.

However, not all rowers are created equal in terms of noise level. Air and hydraulic machines can be quite loud, while magnetic models tend to be the quietest.

Magnetic resistance systems rely on magnets moving past each other to create resistance, and they don’t generate any friction like traditional flywheels do. They are also typically smaller than water or air models and can fold up for easy storage.

Many of these models feature a flat tank design that sits parallel to the floor and offers a more realistic feel that’s comparable to rowing on a boat. Additionally, these designs usually allow you to stand the machine up on its end when not in use to save space.

However, some advanced rowers might find this style to be a bit too lightweight and might prefer a more challenging experience. In addition, some may be prone to back pain and might not want to put themselves in such a vulnerable position. This is one reason why it’s important to consult with a fitness professional before starting a new exercise program.


Rowing is an excellent full-body cardio workout that targets a surprising number of muscles, especially in the back, arms, legs, glutes and core. It’s also a weight-bearing exercise, which can help to build bone density over time. Its gentle, controlled movement is low-impact, minimizing the risk of injuries and soreness. It’s also a great option for cross-training, whether you’re an Olympic athlete or just looking for an easy way to burn calories.

Water-based rowing machines use a tank of water to provide resistance to the workout, which provides a more realistic experience than air or magnetic rowers. This makes them the preferred choice for people who want a more authentic rowing workout. They’re also quieter than other types of rowing machines, which can be a benefit for those who live with other people or need to do their workouts in a noisy apartment building.


Air and magnetic rowing machines typically use magnets to create resistance, which is set using a knob, lever or console button. The closer the magnets are to the flywheel, the more resistance is created. However, the amount of drag a person exerts when they row is not as much related to the level of resistance as it is with the water-based machines. The water tank’s water level actually simulates the “weight” of a person and boat, which means more water in the tank will create more drag.

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