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by James William

As was customary, WWE laid off a bunch of corporate employees today. The company interested staff from compound departments, including publicity, analytics, network and podcasting. The company plus in flames many of the people who worked in defense to the Insights & Analytics team, a department that had unaccompanied three employees left.

1. Dana Warrior

The wife of late WWE Layoffs Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior was reportedly one of the on summit of 100 people laid off from the company concerning Friday. Dana Warrior started on the go following WWE hastily after her husbands death, originally as a writer and subsequently moving to the community outreach department in recent years. She was a frequent presence at WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies where she presented the Warrior Award each year.

Multiple departments were hit bearing in mind layoffs in the region of Friday, including finance, the sales and partnerships team, human resources, and production. Several executives were with agree to go, according to Dave Meltzer a propos speaking the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Names such as Michael Weitz, the Senior Vice President of Financial Planning; Craig Stimmel, Head of Global Sales and Partnerships; Karen Mullane, Controller; and Stewart Frey, Senior Vice President of Streaming Technology were reportedly released. Backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell was furthermore released from her role, even though its nebulous if thats portion of the larger set of layoffs.

PWInsider reported that the auspices unfriendliness was hit beautiful hard as nimbly, behind Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina getting the boot. The Insights & Analytics team saying at least 20 employees edited to three, even if the backing, graphic design, and sentient behavior departments were plus scuff all along to size. Nick Khan reportedly told employees based in Stamford to checking account to the added WWE Headquarters for a staff meeting Tuesday.

While no performance-related cuts have been made at this times, its conventional that will happen soon, especially if WWE wants to scratch costs ahead of the UFC incorporation. A spokesperson for WWEs parent company Endeavor did not unchangeable to a request for comment this week. Those affected by the layoffs will pay for a disaffection package, which includes severance pay, health facilitate, and an opportunity to apply for secondary jobs within the company. WWE is required to warn the federal running following it reduces its workforce. Messages left for a representative from the Department of Labor were not suddenly returned this week.

2. Jamie Horowitz

WWE laid off more corporate employees today in adding taking place to the ones who got pink slips last week. These were all part of the stated layoffs gone the triumph of the merger along in the company of WWE and UFC into TKO Group Holdings. The areas affected joined finance, the sales and partnerships team, and human relatives. Michael Weitz, WWEs Senior Vice President of Financial Planning was agree to go as ably as Craig Stimmel, the Head of Global Sales and Partnerships. Also glowing was Catherine Newman, WWEs EVP and Head of Marketing. The WWE Network and podcasting departments were furthermore hit hard by the cuts. Its important to note that these were unaccompanied some of the people who usual their pink slips and that it is yet yet to be in the process. Despite this, the morale of staff at WWEs Titan Tower office is said to be decimated. PWInsider reports that it was a totally depressing hours of daylight as employees returned to produce a result upon Monday. They were greeted along with blank desks and cubicles and maxim co-workers who they were practicable later mammal agree go.

Aside from the rumors, PWInsider was along with lithe to herald that the Executive Vice President of Development and Digital, Jamie Horowitz, was come to go. He connected the company in 2021 from sports streamer DAZN and was brought upon by WWE President Nick Khan. He was liable for the networks indigenous programming as proficiently as digital initiatives. It was a role that included shaping the strategy for WWEs social media output and off-platform content distribution. Horowitz is no stranger to the world of sports media and had a excited career at Fox Sports where he worked as a vice president. In fact, he was held held responsible for a major revamp of the fee First Take in 2012. He turned it into a sports debate program featuring everyones favorite contrarian sports yellers Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith. Horowitz hasnt been without performance past his departure from Fox as he started taking place Omaha Productions, which was an ambitious production company that teamed him taking place moreover former NFL star Peyton Manning. Their first project was a series that delved into the inner workings of professional football.

3. Amanda Bloom

As conventional, WWE laid off a significant amount of employees as part of their mixture taking into account than Endeavor. Several department heads were on fire in the process, including Catherine Newman, who was WWEs Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing. She was reportedly not popular by her peers in the company. Other notable people that were comply go included Jamie Horowitz, who was WWEs EVP of Development and Digital. He was as well as reportedly not totally skillfully-liked in the company. The hours of day after the layoffs, Bloom posted a avowal upon LinkedIn very roughly abandonment the company. She said that she had been upon the WWE/TKO list nobody wanted to be upon today. She went upon to reveal that she would be looking for a added job and thanking everyone for their sticking together. Other staffers plus expressed their sentiments upon social media, considering many offering lead finding added employment.

According to PWInsider, the latest round of layoffs took place upon Friday and primarily affected the WWE corporate office staff in Stamford, CT. The company did not deem how many employees were fall in along amid go. However, the sites sources reported that more than 100 people usual their pink slips. A few high-level executives were furthermore laid off, including Amanda Bloom, who was WWEs Director, Enterprise Master Data & Governance. She was responsible for the companys metadata and worked in a number of departments, including analytics. She furthermore helped to design the foundational content data model for navigation and discovery upon the WWE Network. Other tall-level officials that were tolerate go append WWE Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina.

PWInsiders sources moreover said that the WWE Network and podcasting divisions were hit hard in the latest round of cuts. They madden that unconventional departments that were also hit connect finance, sales and partnerships, human resources, and production. Messages left this week for a WWE spokesperson were not returned. As a company, they are required to send out WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) notices to their employees gone laying them off. However, a search of the Department of Labor website for any WARN notices issued by WWE going going on for for the UFC/Endeavor incorporation did not perspective happening everything.

4. Catherine Newman

As is the stroke behind any corporate incorporation, there will inevitably be some layoffs that understand place. A number of WWE employees have recently been permit go, gone some of the company’s corporate departments beast hit sophisticated by this round of layoffs. As a outcome, the flavor practically WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT is troubled and trembling. Employees have been asked to encounter from residence today as WWE executives sticking to private and respectful conversations once those creature laid off.

According to sources unventilated to the event, Catherine Newman, who was the company’s Executive VP of Marketing and Head of Marketing, has been one of the victims of this latest round of layoffs. She started her WWE tenure in June 2022 after a control as Chief Marketing Officer at Manchester United Media. During her period at WWE, she oversaw publicity, brand, community inherited, entertainment intimates and creative facilities. The sources consent to know that Newman’s department is not the by yourself one that has been hit prematurely-thinking, considering subsidiary departments with brute affected. This maybe reflects how much the companies shared resources after the join up and the obsession to locate cost-savings where possible.


Earlier this week, a round of layoffs took place primarily in the facility disaffection as the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Elias and others were sealed their walking papers. This was followed by a second round of layoffs upon Wednesday that saw several more names released. While it is not unlimited how many people are being laid off this round, a source tells WrestleNomics that multiple high-level WWE executives have been allocate proclaim yes dozens of mid-level employees. Those supple in the layoffs are reportedly from WWE’s finance, sales & partnerships, human resources, and production departments. It is shapeless if the company will continue to clip employees as it tries to make cost savings, but it is highly unlikely that they will bring in adding happening workers to replace those who have been laid off. Messages left this week for a WWE spokesperson inquiring roughly the status of the layoffs were not returned.

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