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How To Purchase An SSL Certificate

by James William

purchase an SSL are used to keep sensitive information between a customer’s internet browser and your website private. When customers see a padlock symbol and https:// in the URL, they know their personal information is safe from hackers. Almost any website that collects data from its visitors should use an SSL certificate. This includes login pages, ecommerce sites and any site that requires customers to provide their sensitive information.

Organization Validation

Organization Validation requires validation of your company’s details from a business directory or other legal documents. The process is a bit more time-consuming than domain validation, but it helps ensure the highest level of security for your website. After you choose a certificate type, you’ll need to create your CSR and submit it to the CA of your choice. You can do this using your cPanel or by following the instructions from your host or hosting provider.

Once the CSR is validated by the CA, they’ll issue the SSL certificate. You’ll then install it on your website and you’re done! It’s important to remember that your SSL certificate will expire. You should set up reminders in your calendar or with a colleague so that you can renew it before it expires. You should also ensure that your stakeholders are on the distribution list to receive expiration notifications. This will help make sure that you don’t miss any important deadlines.

Extended Validation

EV SSL certificates offer top-notch level of security which gives the highest level of trust to website visitors. It shows the business name in browser’s address bar and displays the green site seal which helps in building customer confidence and increases conversion rate and brand loyalty. It requires a more robust authentication method to verify the identity of your organization, so it may take some time for an EV SSL certificate to be issued after submitting documents to the Certificate Authority. This type of purchase an SSL certificate is best suited for online businesses that collect sensitive data from their customers, such as credit card information.

These certificates are costly and also come with high warranties and free server licenses, as well as the Thawte Site Seal. They also support 99% mobile, browser, and operating system compatibility and offer 24/7 technical support. Moreover, they help you get higher SEO ranks and boost your web traffic. These benefits make it worth the extra cost and effort to secure your website with a Domain Validated, Organization Validated, or Extended Validation SSL Certificate.


In addition to encrypting website visitors’ information, SSL certificates help build trust in your site and instill visitor confidence. This can lead to more leads, higher conversion rates and ultimately a better bottom line. Getting an SSL certificate doesn’t have to break the bank either. Namecheap offers a variety of affordable SSL solutions that keep data safe while remaining in your budget.

Before an SSL can be issued, the Certificate Authority needs to validate domain ownership. This can be done in one of three ways: email verification, DNS (CNAME), or HTTP file upload. For the fastest turnaround, we recommend using file upload validation. Keeping track of SSL expiration dates can be challenging, especially for larger organizations with multiple websites and networks. We suggest creating a distribution list of stakeholders that will receive expiration reminders from the Certificate Authority. This will help to prevent your business from losing visitors or revenue as a result of an expired SSL certificate.


SSL certificates protect your users, prospects, and customers as they browse your pages, fill out forms, submit their information, and buy products. And they’re a ranking signal for Google. There are several types of SSL certificates available based on validation levels and functionality. We recommend you select a DomainSSL, OrganizationSSL or an ExtendedSSL for your site.


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