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The EDM Parts Store – Your One Stop Shop For Electrical Discharge Machining Spare Parts

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We offer a full line of electrical discharge machining spare parts to keep your EDM machine running at peak performance. These include EDM filters, wire & sinker EDM electrodes, tapping electrodes in brass and copper tungsten, as well as di resin, conductivity meter and more. Our edm parts store is your one stop shop for all of your electrical discharge machining needs.

Wire Guides

Wire guides are available in a great variety of sizes and shapes. They can vary in stiffness or flexibility of the shaft or body, and also in the diameter of the distal and proximal portions. In addition, they can be straight or angled. Depending on the circumstances, wire guides may need to be trained by heat-treating one or both ends. They may also be coated with a lubricious plastic material, such as PTFE or urethane.

Some are double-ended so that either end, or both ends sequentially, may be inserted into the patient. These are often used in conjunction with a balloon catheter for treatment of a specific medical condition, such as stenting or valvuloplasty. They are generally made of Nitinol, but can be constructed from stainless steel. When it comes to edm spare parts, it is crucial to prioritize quality, compatibility, and reliability. By choosing reputable suppliers and manufacturers, you can ensure the longevity and efficiency of your EDM machines, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Water Nozzles

Hose nozzles control and manipulate the pressure, speed, direction, and flow size and shape of water that is released. This helps firefighters quickly and effectively clean equipment and prevent unnecessary water waste. Hose nozzles are a crucial piece of firefighting gear that must be well maintained to perform at their best. A nozzle that is worn can reduce its capacity, lead to excessive liquid usage, or result in a spray pattern that is unreliable.

When selecting a nozzle, be sure to consider its material and shape. Plastic nozzles can look cheap and break easily, while metal nozzles are sturdier and more durable. If possible, opt for a nozzle made of both metal and plastic. This model from Earthfokus is a good example: It can handle a lot of abuse and sustained only minor scuffs in our drop test. It also offers a variety of settings, including a mister, soaker, and shower setting.

Ceramic Guides

Ceramic inserts are becoming the norm in rod guides today. The technology is proven to decrease guide wear from abrasive lines and to reduce friction (heat) between the line and the guides. Guide manufacturers offer a number of different ceramic insert options and call them by various names. Each type offers something a little different. The harder the ceramic, the more abrasive resistant it is. Guides with a lower hardness run the risk of more abrasive lines(braided line and wire) wearing and grooving the guides.

REC offers the industry’s newest and most advanced ceramic guide, CERECOIL. This new guide is corrosion proof in any environment, flexes infinitely (reducing sharp spots on the blank that can cause breakage) and can be replaced in a matter of seconds without the need for cutting off the frame and rewrapping or epoxying.

Isolation Plates

Isolation plates are a cost effective solution for decoupling sound related assemblies from the building structure to reduce transfer of noise and vibration. Made from reclaimed rubber formulated with high damping acrylic polymers. Manufactured to carefully controlled density standards for trusted long term service. It stays permanently elastic and is unaffected by water unlike fiberglass which becomes brittle with exposure to moisture. By providing a wide selection of high-quality EDM spare parts, these stores ensure that businesses can maintain their equipment’s performance and minimize downtime. With the convenience and reliability of an edm parts store, machinists can keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Sterilize your loop by flame it with a Bunsen burner or similar tool and then streak the first quadrant of the plate using a zig-zag motion (only once) from the edge inward. Do the same for each of the other quadrants on the plate. Allow the streaks to dry completely and then incubate your agar based on your bacteriological testing needs. Allow your plate to incubate for 24-48 hours before examining it for colonies.

Power Feed Contacts

Our power feed electrodes (also known as conductivity blocks) are made from high quality, hard wearing materials to provide long life and excellent conductivity. They are precision ground and have accurate size for smoother movements. Carbide is a popular manufacturing material due to its wear-resistance, strength and superior conductivity. Gromax offers a full line of EDM wear & spare parts for Wire Cut, Conventional (Sinker) & Hole Driller EDM Machines. They include wire guides, flush cups, ceramic guides, water nozzles, power feed electrodes and isolating plates.

Last Word

All products are available in Brass, Tellurium Copper & various Copper Tungsten grades as well as Graphite. Many are in stock for same day shipping! Please contact us with any questions. We would be happy to help you find the right parts for your machine.

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