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JiDion Real Name – YouTuber, Streamer And Social Media Star

by James William

Born on 12 December 2000, jidion real name is an American YouTuber and comedian. He is famous for his pranked videos on multiple digital platforms. He is known for his controversial Twitch raids where he instructs his fans to spam hate comments on another streamer’s live feed. He got banned from the platform for this reason.

His Age

JiDion is a popular American YouTuber, streamer and social media star. He is known for his humorous public pranks and vlog videos. His channel has millions of followers on TikTok. He has collaborated with other TikTok stars and has earned many sponsorships. Jidion is 21 years old and was born on December 12, 2000. He is an American citizen and follows the Christian religion. He completed his early education at a local high school and then enrolled in a university.

He became famous by the age of 20 and continues to rise in popularity. His content still mostly revolves around tricks and video blogs, but he is always pushing the limits of what people can do in public. For example, in March of 2022, he got a haircut while sitting courtside at an NBA game. This stunt went viral and received over 7.3 million views.

JiDion is an extremely ambitious person who has worked hard to achieve his goals. He has a great talent for comedy and is a natural in front of the camera. He has also been very active in his community and strives to make a positive difference in the lives of others. He recently made a video titled ‘Turning my life to Christ’ where he talked about his commitment to his faith. He has also spoken out against bullying and has made numerous videos urging people to stand up for what they believe in.

His Ethnicity

JiDion is an American YouTube content creator who is best known for his comedic videos. He often plays pranks on random passersby and has amassed a large following on his channel. He also makes music and sings original songs. Some of his songs include Thick Chicks, Tyrone Cousin, I Thought It Was a Fart, No Homies Left Behind, Sibling Luving, and more. His YouTube channel has attracted more than five million subscribers. JiDion is a talented artist who has an incredible personality. He also has a diverse group of fans who support his work. He has created a number of popular videos, including the viral video giving strangers the N-word pass.

He was born in the United States and has a mixed ethnic background. He has kept information about his parents and love life private, but it is possible that he has dated women in the past. He is currently single and does not have a child.

JiDion has a number of hobbies and interests, including karate, juggling, and basketball. He is a talented artist who has an incredible imagination. His YouTube channel is full of creative content and pranks that have garnered millions of views. He is a fun-loving person who enjoys spending time with his friends. He is always looking for new challenges to take on. His creativity and ability to connect with his audience has made him a star on the platform.

His Height

Jidion is a YouTuber, streamer and social media star who has gained popularity for his public pranks and vlog style videos. He is also known for singing his own original music. He has a strong and attractive personality, and his videos are entertaining and inspiring. He has a lot of fans from all over the world. Several of them have commented on his videos and expressed their love for him. He is a hard-working man who strives to achieve his goals. He has a good sense of humor and is always looking for ways to make people laugh.

JiDion is an American citizen and he follows the Christian religion. He grew up in a religious family in Houston, Texas. He attended a local school and later enrolled in a local university to complete his education. Jidion is currently single and has not revealed any information about his past relationships. He keeps his personal life private and may be preoccupied with his career at the moment.

He is an intelligent person with a great personality. He has a charming smile and is always ready to help others. He is a very positive person and likes to inspire people. He is also a talented singer and has a beautiful voice. He is very kind and caring and has a lot of fans from all over. He has a very attractive and stunning face.

His Weight

Despite being a young YouTuber, JiDion has built a large following. He has gained recognition through his humorous vlogs and prank videos. He has also appeared in several collaborations with other YouTubers. Unlike many other YouTubers, JiDion is not afraid to take risks in his videos. He has even crashed events and pranked people in public. He has a large fanbase on social media and often interacts with fans through live streams.

He was born on 12th December 2000 in the United States and holds American nationality. He belongs to a Christian family and follows the religious beliefs of his parents. His YouTube videos are viewed by millions of viewers. In one of his videos, he reacted to NBA player DeMarcus Cousins, who signed his jersey after being stopped by security guards. In another video, he pretended to get a haircut at a Houston Rockets game. He has also reacted to several popular Twitch streamers.

The most important aspect of a successful content creator is their audience. JiDion has a large audience and is very active on Twitter and Instagram. He has a loyal following and is very generous with his gifts to his fans. He has been known to give away free items to his followers, and his newest giveaway has already reached over 7 million views on YouTube.

His Body Measurements

JiDion has a huge following on YouTube and is known for his humorous content. He has also made a name for himself as a rapper. He has released several short songs that are used as the intros to his videos. Currently, he has over 7.86 million subscribers on the platform. He has also pranked people at events, including NBA games. Jidon was born in December 2000 and is an American citizen. He lives in Houston, Texas and follows the Christian religion. He is an active social media star, and has a large following on both his YouTube channel and Twitch. He often updates his Twitter account to share news about his career. He has also written a few books, and has appeared on various podcasts.

In his videos, he tries to make people laugh by playing funny pranks and vlogs. His first video, “Giving Strangers the N-Word Pass,” went viral in 2019. He also creates pranks at sporting events. In one video, he gave himself a haircut courtside at an NBA game. JiDion’s real name is Jidon Adams, and he was born in the US. He has a large audience on both YouTube and Twitch, and is known for his comedic content. He has recently partnered with Rumble, an alt-tech streaming platform. He has been in the spotlight for a few controversial moments, including his involvement in a hate raid on popular influencer Pokimane.

His Wiki

Jidion is a full-time YouTuber who has been making comedy videos for more than a year. He has more than 6.5 million subscribers on his channel and has collaborated with popular YouTubers such as Baylen Levine. He has also launched his own website and has begun streaming on Twitch. He was born on December 12, 2000, in the United States and has an American nationality. He has a mixed ethnicity and follows the Christian religion. He completed his early education from a local school and later enrolled in a university in Houston, Texas, to pursue his career.

Jidion has been involved in several controversies in the past. In one of his videos, he made fun of a popular influencer called Pokimane. This resulted in her bashing him on different platforms. Eventually, she decided to stop her live streams because of this incident.


Apart from his vlogs, he is also famous for his prank and reaction videos. He has a unique style of humor and uses his imagination to create funny content for his viewers. He is a well-known personality on the YouTube and has a lot of fans worldwide. JiDion has also launched his own website and has started selling merchandise on it. His latest merchandise includes hoodies and t-shirts. He has also partnered with a drink brand named Prime Hydration and is doing well in the business.

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